The Brewery

The Brewery

Coming up to eight years of brewing, Dungarvan Brewing Company is a well established and highly regarded micro brewery in the south east, which specialises in traditional style, bottle conditioned ales and stouts.

The philosophy of the brewery is one of purity — we keep the beer in its purest form by bottle-conditioning it. It isn’t filtered, isn’t pasteurised and is naturally carbonated so there is minimum interference with it between raw ingredients and finished product. We always start with the best quality ingredients including Irish barley malt, full leaf hop cones and the limestone rich water of West Waterford.

Head Brewer Cormac strives for quality and consistency across every stage of the brew, working hard to ensure that each bottle achieves the high standards he has set. All the beers are craft brewed in small batches and by its artisan nature this can lead to slight variations by batch.

The brewhouse is a 6bbl plant made by PBC Brewery Installations, the UK’s top micro brewery installer and is ideally suited to the bottle-conditioned traditional ales that we brew.

Alongside the brewhouse we have a 20L pilot kit which is used for small batches for festivals or one-offs and experimentation on the part of the brewers. Many of our seasonals began life on the pilot brewery and then made it to becoming part of our full-time range.

Every beer which bears the Dungarvan Brewing Company mark is guaranteed to have been brewed and bottled, casked or kegged on-site in the brewery in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. This is real Irish craft beer.