New trends

With the growth in the craft beer sector has come a welcome change in the mindset of many ‘foodies’ in relation to beer, with many restaurants and gastro pubs now pairing beer with their dishes, lots of the country’s top chefs using artisan beer in their cooking and an many events running to help people understand how to taste and appreciate beers. With this in mind, we have decided to compile some of the recipes we have come across which use our beers and offer some help for those beginning to take on the task of beer and food pairing.

Introducing the Irish Food Guide 2013, authors John and Sally McKenna proclaim the top three trends in Irish food for 2013 to be craft beer, sourdough bread and home reared pork. We at the brewery are delighted to be aligned with the greats of the Irish food industry.

From the outset we recognised the potential of the beers in the restaurant trade and are delighted to see that in our brief history the Irish taste has changed to the extent that it is expected of good restaurants to pay the same attention to their beers as to any other drinks they carry and a couple of multinational ubiquitous brands simply won’t cut it anymore. We are honoured to be served alongside some of the finest foods in the country and to have our beers used in recipes by many of the country’s top chefs.
Our beers have also been used in commercial food products such as Keogh’s Farm crisps, Eunice Power’s Christmas pudding and McCarthy of Kanturk sausages.