Seaweed Saison Limited Edition

A classic saison brewed using Irish lager malt and saison yeast with added dillisk.

We wanted to brew something special to mark our fifth birthday, and what better way than for Cormac to do a collaboration with Kjetil Jikiun, Head Brewer at gne Ø brewery in Norway.

Cormac had been playing around with the idea of using seaweed in a beer for a while, discussing it with  local seaweed suppliers Tom and Ria of Sea of Vitality and using some of their products to do a few experiments. During the initial chats with Kjetil before his arrival, the idea of a seaweed beer was suggested to him, and given that both breweries are based in coastal towns it seemed like the perfect idea. Kjetil then suggested the idea of working the seaweed into a saison, using the salinity of the seaweed as the souring often present in a saison, while dillisk was chosen for its pepperiness which would impart a spiciness to the beer, while also having a strong association with Waterford historically.  When Kjetil arrived in Dungarvan for the brewday he came bearing gifts of some Czech Premiant hops, so naturally they were included in the brew also.

The resulting beer is a fruity, spicy dry ale with a tart finish that will leave you thinking of days at the beach.

Best served at sea level!

Tasting notes: A classic saison brewed using Irish lager malt and saison yeast with added dillisk. This is a complex beer with initial candy sweetness, giving way to a peppery spiciness and tart dryness finishing with saltiness from the seaweed.

Food Pairing: Great with seafood, try a classic bouillabaise, moules-frites, or some salt and chilli squid. Also works well with fresh salads – the beer won’t overpower the salad while the saltiness and spiciness works well with peppery greens. The tartness of this beer will also contrast well with a sweet dessert, particularly something which includes red fruit like cherries, strawberries or even rhubarb.

Cheese Pairing: Stands up well to a stronger cheese, try a rind washed one like Ardrahan or The Little Milk Company‘s Brewer’s Gold.

Alcohol: 6.5% ABV

Hops: Premiant, East Kent Goldings, Northern Brewer

IBUs: 30

Allergens: Contains Barley

Availability: Summer 2016 release available from 1st June, limited availability.