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Gallows Hill Barley Wine

Gallows Hill Barley Wine

A strong ale filled with dark fruit flavours and toffee chewiness underscoring an earthy hoppiness. Gallows Hill Barley Wine is our autumn seasonal release.

This is a rich, strong ale loaded with classic flavours of dried fruits and a caramel nutty maltiness. While the alcohol content provides a warmth to it, aging has mellowed this to a very smooth, very balanced beer. Warming and complex, this is one to spend time over.

Serving temperature

Perfect for sipping fireside, Gallows Hill shouldn’t be served too cold – warmer temperatures will open up all the intense fruity flavours. This barley wine also ages well, so put some aside for future enjoyment as over time the beer will develop an intense smootheness and even richer flavour.

Beer Info

Style: Irish Stout

ABV: 8.5%

Hops: Challenger, East Kent Goldings, Sovereign

IBUs: 51

Allergens: Contains Barley

Food Pairings: As this is a complex, big beer with many flavours going on it’s not one that would be great with a full meal but amazing if treated more as a digestif and served with cheese or desserts and cake filled with plummy, fruity, toffee flavours – given the season, nothing could be better than toasted barm brack!

Cheese pairings: The classic pairing is with an English stilton, but also great with a vintage cheddar where the rich nuttiness of both would work well together, along with the biscuity malt flavours in the beer.

Availability: Released annually in October, very limited release. See all our seasonal releases.

Gallows Hill in Dungarvan’s origins have been long been speculated over – whether it was a Norman motte and bailey, a Bronze Age barrow or the fort / dún from which Dungarvan was named. In July this year, as part of the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of Dungarvan’s town charter, Waterford County Museum commissioned a geophysical survey of the hill to try to determine its exact origin.
All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and brewed and bottled in Dungarvan with only natural ingredients. Wheat free, vegan friendly. Contains a harmless yeast sediment.