Magic Road Rye IPA

A twist for 2017 on our annual spring seasonal, Magic Road Rye IPA is the big, beefed up successor to Mahon Falls Rye Pale Ale.Magic Road RIPA

Constantly tinkering with hops, grains and flavours, Cormac has had the idea for a while to totally revamp the old favourite Mahon Falls, making it a full on IPA with hopping and bittering levels to match. While still keeping the classic rye flavours, with the use of both rye malt and crystal rye in the grist, the ABV and IBUs have been increased and this year the hop bill is a totally American affair, giving lots of strong grapefruit, citrus and spiced notes to the beer.

Tasting notes: A bigger and bolder take on the old favourite Mahon Falls, this rye ale retains the nutty, earthy rye backbone while supercharged American hops give pungent citrus and spicy flavours.

Food Pairing: This full-flavoured beer works great with lighter-flavoured foods like chicken, pork and fish or even with salad dishes.

Cheese Pairing: The fruitiness of this Mahon Falls works really well with the tang of a Wensleydale or Caerphilly style cheese. Try The Little Milk Company‘s Brewer’s Gold.

Alcohol: 6.3% ABV

Hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Cascade, Amarillo

IBUs: 70

Allergens: Contains Barley and Rye

What’s in a name: We had to acknowledge Mahon Falls in this one, but respect the fact that it is a different beer and no name seemed more fitting than the bizarre stretch of road past Mahon Bridge, on the approach to the falls.

Fairies, magnetic fields or optical illusion? We prefer to think it’s Magic.

Limited edition release from April 2017.