Dungarvan Brewing Company

Comeragh Challenger Gluten Free Ale

Comeragh Challenger Gluten Free Ale

A light and refreshing gluten free ale, single hopped with Challenger.

One of our core range and certified Gluten Free since 2015, Comeragh Challenger is an English style pale ale (or bitter) hopped solely with Challenger, an English hop used in many traditional bitters. The malty profile and floral hops make for a delicate and understated ale, and at 3.8%, this is an easy-drinking beer that will be perfect for summer barbecue days!

Comeragh Challenger is listed in the Coeliac Society of Ireland Food List as a coeliac-friendly beer.

This lighter session ale is best served at a lower temperature, from 8-12Β°C.

As with all our beers, the bottles will contain a yeast sediment which is a by-product of the bottle or can conditioning process. This sediment is completely harmless and fine to drink, but if you prefer a clearer beer then leave the last drop in the bottle or can.

Beer Info

Style: Session Pale Ale

ABV: 3.8%

Hops: Challenger

IBUs: 40

Allergens: Contains barley. Gluten testing consistently returns results of <10 ppm making this a certified gluten free beer.

Calories: 195 per 500ml

Food Pairings: As a lighter flavoured beer this pairs well with many dishes – great with a barbeque or chicken and fish dishes.

Cheese pairings: Soft cheeses and lighter flavoured cheeses work best with this delicate beer, which can be easily overpowered by stronger flavours.

All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and brewed and bottled in Dungarvan with only natural ingredients. Wheat free, vegan friendly. Contains a harmless yeast sediment.

The Comeragh mountains, dotted with coums and loughs, cover the centre of county Waterford and offer some of the greatest vistas and challenges to walkers, hikers and cyclists in the region.