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Can Conditioned Beer Trials

Can Conditioned Beer Trials

Here in Dungarvan we are staving off the January blues with some R+D, and working with cans instead of bottles for a while to trial Can Conditioned Beer.

Can Trials 2021

With the rise of canned beers over the past few years, it’s the question we get asked most often and the discussion we’ve had most – will Dungarvan ever release their beer in cans?  With all the discussion and consideration, what held us back was changing our process from a bottle conditioned product, which we have always believed produces the best quality and best tasting beer, to a force carbonated product.  By working on a can conditioned beer we can keep our core ethos, retaining the character of the beer – undergoing its secondary fermentation in the bottle (or can) to produce a natural carbonation in the beer.


Like our bottled conditioning process, here’s how it works: we can the beer unfiltered so that the live yeast is present in the can after packaging.  The beer then undergoes a second fermentation process in the can, creating more CO2, which gives the beer its bubbles.  This leads to a natural carbonation, preserving the beer’s quality and enhancing its flavour.  After going through the conditioning process the yeast will fall away to the bottom of the can, leaving a natural yeast sediment behind.  Anyone familiar with our bottled beers, or any other bottle conditioned beers, will be familiar with this sediment!

The first trial batches of cans are now gone into our warm room for the yeast to work its magic. There are still lots of trials and research ahead of us at the brewery for the next few weeks and all going well we are hoping to have our first ever can release in March.  These will be available nationwide through our wholesale partners, Fourcorners.


Two Headed Can Filler for Can Conditioned Beer
Two Headed Can Filler

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