Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is tomorrow. But you knew that, right? And you’re all sorted with gifts and cards, right? Riiight..?

Ok, you’re not. But don’t panic just yet – we’re looking out for you here and have a back up plan for you.  First, you need a card – no probs, download the image below, print, fold and write your greeting. Card sorted.

DBC Father's Day Card
Click on image for full size.

Then, for a gift run to your nearest off licence which stocks great craft beer, grab a bottle and present it with the card. Job done.

Too hot to run to the shop? Or finding it hard to let go of Dad’s bottle? The why not book a brewery tour and tasting session for him. We have a Friday evening series running throughout the summer, bookings can be made on our webshop and we can send you a printable ticket to include with your card. Bingo! Instant status as best son or daughter ever.

If your Dad likes his card, send us a pic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even a Vine. Our favourite will get a goodie pack from the brewery 🙂

Here’s to the Dads! 🍻