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Can Conditioned Mine Head American Pale Ale

Can Conditioned Mine Head American Pale Ale

classic west coast style Can Conditioned Pale Ale.

This is a classic American style pale ale made using only cascade hops, and also dry hopped with Cascade to impart fresh hop aromas. Released in summer 2014, this is now a full time part of of our core range and available in keg, bottle and in can year round.

Our American Pale Ale is single hopped with Cascade hops to create the west coast hop profile and fresh hop aromas significant to the style. Up front it’s all about the citrus flavours of the Cascade hop, with these initial citrussy hop flavours leading on to sweeter toffee and marmalade-like maltiness for a balanced flavour and an unbitter beer.

Mine Head is also dry hopped , which is a process of adding whole leaf hops added into the fermenter. This gives more of a hop aroma to the beer, and a fresh initial hit of the hop flavours.

Best served lightly chilled, from 8-12°C.

Food Pairings: Works great with lighter fish or with earthy meats such as lamb or beef. Also excellent with spicy Thai or Vietnamese food, or keep it American with a burger!

Cheese pairings: Great with a creamy camembert-style cheese or a tart sheeps cheese.

Beer Info

Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Hops: Cascade
IBUs: 38
Allergens: Contains barley.
Calories: 245 per 500ml

Mine Head is a 68m high headland in Old Parish, west of Dungarvan, on top of which stands Mine Head lighthouse, the highest elevation lighthouse in Ireland which features on all our cans.


As with all our beers, the cans will contain a yeast sediment which is a by-product of the can conditioning process. This sediment is completely harmless and fine to drink, but if you prefer a clearer beer then leave the last drop in the can.