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Covid-19 Statement March 2020.

At Dungarvan Brewing Company we have been monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak closely and introduced best practise in line with the HSE Guidelines for the containment of the virus and the wellbeing of our staff and customers.

For this reason, we will be taking no visitors to the brewery, including tours, until the end of March, after which time we will reassess the situation.  We are also working closely with West Waterford Festival of Food for an event we are planning to take place at the brewery in April, and will update on that in due course.

Our production is continuing as normal for the foreseeable future and only pre-arranged visitors for deliveries and collections will be allowed access the brewery, with universal measures in terms of hand washing, covering of coughs and sneezes and disinfecting of brewing equipment as well as office surfaces in place.  We hope to have no interruption to the supply of our beer but have put preparations in place to shut down production should brewers feel unwell with symptoms and need to be isolated.

We will make further decisions on reinstating our brewery tours at the end of March based on guidance from relevant authorities and at this point are hopeful that we’ll start up our annual Summer Series  again in May.  Stay tuned to our social media accounts for details of dates and further updates.

Member’s Club

With great fanfare we declare our brewery member’s club open for 2019!

Following on from our tasting room redevelopment, the next phase is the launch of our Brewery Member’s Club which gives you discounts and access to events at our brewery and elsewhere, along with an invite to the official opening party on May 25th. Join our Member’s Club to become part of the gang here and share in our special events taking place in the brewery throughout the summer.

Included in Membership:

  • Welcome pack with brewery swag and merchandise, and a branded pint glass
  • Brewery Tour and Tasting for Six People. Bring your friends or come again and again!
  • Invite for you and a guest to our brewery open day event on May 25th
  • First Taste – invite to exclusive first pour events throughout Ireland
  • 10% discount code for purchases of any other brewery events or merchandise sales
  • Monthly newsletter update on brewery happenings and upcoming events

What you need to do:

It’s quite simple – fill in your details and let us take care of the rest! On purchase we’ll drop you a welcome email, then get your welcome pack posted out to you. You’ll be supplied with discount codes to book tours, events and merchandise either at the brewery or through our online shop and we’ll confirm your place at our open day event in May. Having received everything, it’s in your hands to book your six tour places at a date that suits you, and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter from us with details of upcoming events both at the brewery and around the country where you can get booking discount or an exclusive invite, depending on the the event.

If you’ve any queries drop us a line and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Nine Years Later

On April 9th 2010 we gathered in The Tannery for the launch of our brewery, followed up with a party for friends in Downey’s Bar in Dungarvan and first pours of our range. What a nine years that has been!

Cormac launching the brewery in Downey’s Bar, 9th April 2010

From an initial core range of three beers, we started adding seasonals beginning with our Coffee and Oatmeal Stout in 2011 and many one-off brews and festival specials. Nine years later our core range has grown to five, with regular seasonals and small batch releases. Added to this is our Greenway Pale Ale, released in 2018 and this year’s batch currently on release. Next to be added to the line up is an alcohol free beer, which is scheduled for release at the end of this month.

Hand bottling beers in the early days!
Hand bottling our 500,000th bottle

We’ve gone from hand bottling to semi automation, and seeing the craft brewing world grow from just seven microbreweries in Ireland when we started to upwards of seventy now. Our own brewery has changed and developed, along with the market and the Irish craft beer scene as a whole.

Easter Beer Festival 2010
Our first outing at Easterfest 2010. Sharing noobs corner with Trouble Brewing.

Making friends

Throughout our journey we have made so many new friends in the brewing and food world in Ireland and beyond. We’ve enjoyed festivals, tastings and collaborations, hosted tours and held long table dinners at the brewery, worked with many local producers and are proud members of Food The Waterford Way which promotes collaboration within the Waterford food and drinks scene. We are founder members of the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland, a group which has campaigned hard on behalf of the small breweries of Ireland as well as promoting Irish craft beer through Indie Beer Week and the Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol.

Ballymaloe Steak Sauce
Ballymaloe Steak Sauce made with Black Rock

What’s next

Since the start of this year we have been working hard on developing our tours side of the business. Alongside our brand new website, we’ve completely rebuilt our tasting room. As a result, we can now accommodate groups of up to 35 and plan on opening up a lot more to visitors this year. From an ad-hoc offering we now offer regularly scheduled tours throughout the summer, on Wednesdays and Fridays, and have plans to add more specialist events to our calendar. As well as continuing to produce great beers, we will be further developing this side of the business and are set to announce plans for our Members Club, which will be launched in the coming days.

Time for cake!

So thanks to everyone for being with us along the way, and we hope you join us in raising a glass for our ninth birthday – and come with us as we enter our next phase.


Long Table Dinner

Photography by Pawel Lorenc, ‘I do’ Photography.

Last Friday we were delighted to host our first dining event at the brewery, a long table dinner in which we showcased West Waterford produce as part of the Waterford Way series of food events taking place throughout the summer.

Long Table Dinner
Table Setting for our Waterford Way dinner

Chef Shane McGrath of the Cliff House Hotel put together a showstopping six course tasting menu featuring delights such as Harty’s Oysters, Grantstown Tomatoes, Seagull Bakery breads, local lobster, halibut and monkfish, Ardmore carrots, Little Milk Company cheese, local strawberries and more.

Shane getting food ready for long table dinner
Chef Shane McGrath getting ready to serve

Guests were welcomed with a drink in our tasting room, before being brought through to the brewery which had been transformed for the evening into a fine dining space with white linen tablecloths contrasting with fermenters and brewkits.

Jen welcoming guests
Jen – An Bean A Leanna – welcomes guests
Pre Dinner Drinks
Pre dinner drinks in the Tasting Room
Dinner Table
Fine dining in an industrial unit – table waiting for guests.

The brewery had undergone a transformation, and as the sunlight left all the wonderful magical lighting touches brought to life the surroundings

Bottles repurposed into candle holders.

The menu for the Long Table Dinner showcased the best of the region, with many of the producers featured part of the newly launched Waterford Way food trail.  Using as many of these producers as possible, Shane put together a sumptuous menu which thrilled all the diners.  Each course was paired with a Dungarvan Brewing Company beer, with head brewer Cormac talking diners through the beers and the selection.

Each course was paired with a Dungarvan beer.
The menu showcased producers from the Waterford Way
First course of Harty’s Oysters and Helvick Smoked Halibut, Potato and Dill Cake is served.
Convivial atmosphere, friends old and new.
Flutes of Black Rock served with the first course

In all, it was a superb night and a long time goal of ours met here at the brewery. We look forward to doing it all again soon, and would like to extend a huge thanks to our diners who put their faith in us and came along to this crazy idea we had, to Shane for producing the most magnificent feast which absolutely astounded the guests, Jack for his assistance with Shane, Leeanne for creating the amazing atmosphere and serving on the night, all the local producers who got behind the event and provided ingredients and of course Pawel for coming along to photograph the night and giving us these amazing images.

See more of Pawel’s work at

Join us for our next dining event on Saturday 19th August, a middle eastern feast with our friends at Mezze.

Events July 2017

Quick update on what we’ll be up to for the rest of the month!

Our July dancecard is pretty full, and for the remaining days we have the following events lined up:

Events July 2017:

Friday 21st – Summer Series tour and tasting session

Thursday 27th – Dungarvan Show. Claire will be doing a talk and tasting session in the Waterford Way food tent at 12pm.

Friday 28th – Long Table Dinner at the brewery.

Brewer’s Select – Thai Wit

From the very beginning, our mission has always been to brew distinctive, quality beers. Through continued exploration and innovation we have decided to release a selected number of limited edition special brews.

Brewer’s Select Range

While we continue to brew our core range and seasonals on a day to day basis, the fun part is in trying out new recipes, playing around with flavours and tinkering with the pilot kit. Usually the results of these brews are released as one off casks or kegs, often coinciding with one festival or another.  Until now these one offs haven’t made their way into bottles, so we’ve decided to do something about that and roll out more one off, small batch releases.

Thai Wit

To kick things off, we’ve sent out a batch of what we’ve decided to call a Thai Wit. This is a classic wit beer, brewed with Irish wheat malt, Irish barley malt and Munich malt, which has been flavoured with some Thai-inspired ingredients, namely palm sugar, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, galangal, cardamom seeds and lemongrass.

Thai Wit Bottle

Tasting notes: This pours a dark golden colour, with the classic pillowy Wit head. The medium body has a chewy mix of dryness and sweetness, which is lifted by the freshness of the lime and lemongrass flavours, while the initial coriander and cardamom notes give way to a lingering heat.

Food Pairing: Obviously something Thai would work great with the flavours here, but this beer would stand up to more robust dishes and stronger flavoured meats. Try a Massaman curry (our favourite is from Little Thai Kitchen) with beef or duck, or alternatively move towards a beef stroganoff or hearty venison stew.

Cheese Pairing: Again, stronger flavours would work great here such as a good vintage cheddar which the maltiness of the beer works well with while the spice kick lifts the whole pairing.

Alcohol: 6.4% ABV

Hops: Challenger, Cascade

IBUs: 35

Allergens: Contains Barley and Wheat

Availability: On very limited bottle release from August 2016

Summer Series Brewery Tours 2016

Ah Summer! Ok, we’re not having the greatest one weather-wise here this year but at least there are some constants, like our Summer Series brewery tours and tasting sessions!

Summer Series 2016

Once again this year we are running tour and tasting sessions on Friday evenings, kicking things off at 5pm with a brewery tour and following this with a tasting of our beers and some food pairings. Sessions last approx. 90 minutes and are a relaxed, fun session and a great way to kick off the weekend.

For an idea of what to expect on our Summer Series, have a read about Billy Lyon’s visit with us in 2014 on his blog

Contact us for more info, dates available and to book your spot on one of our Friday evening sessions, or book for yourself or someone else via our online shop.

Mine Head
Mine Head on a trip to the beach.

For visits to the brewery outside of these sessions please contact us in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you. Be advised that summer is a busy time for us with production and visitors so advance notice is required. We have more information about visiting the brewery on our Brewery Tours page.

Gluten Free Beer

We have been asked many times about brewing a gluten free beer, but up until recently we were not happy to do so, as it would mean either brewing with a gluten-free grain such as sourghum or chemically altering the beer, which is not something we are willing or happy to do.

Comeragh Challenger Irish Bitter - Gluten Free Beer
Gluten Free Comeragh Challenger

However, new brewing products have come available that can break down the gluten in the beer, and after a bit of trialling and experimentation our head brewer Cormac decided to make this year’s Comeragh Challenger gluten free.  Comeragh Challenger is our regular summer seasonal since it was first released in 2012 and is an always popular one.


After a few delays and hiccups along the way, the beer was brewed and bottles from each batch have been tested and certified – the results of the analysis are showing a gluten content of <10ppm (far below the threshold of <20ppm for a food to be considered Gluten Free).  All batches brewed this year so far have been tested, so any Comeragh Challenger currently on the market is gluten free. We released some of the bottles before receiving certification but you can rest assured that even if the bottle isn’t marked as such, all stock out there is certified. Cheers!

800 Years

Not one, but two 800th birthdays being celebrated around us this weekend!

Dungarvan 800

From Waterford County Museum:

On 3 July 1215 King John issued a charter at Marlborough which granted the customs of Breteuil (in France) to Dungarvan. It freed the burgesses in the town from tolls and customs owed to the Crown. The 800th anniversary of this important event takes place on 3rd July this year.

Dungarvan will be spending the weekend celebrating this occasion, beginning with the arrival of ‘King John’ by boat to Dungarvan quay on Friday at 5.45pm, accompanied by a flotilla from Dungarvan Harbour Sailing Club and there’ll also be a medieval banquet at Crews Restaurant, a market at King John’s Castle courtyard and a series of lectures organised by Waterford Museum.



Barrel Aged Copper Coast
Sherry cask which we aged Copper Coast in.


Crews were keen to serve a beer at the medieval banquet, which let’s face it would be a lot more fitting historically than “other drinks”, so we decided to barrel age some of our Copper Coast for the night – we used the same sherry barrels that Blackwater Distillery aged our Poitín collaboration in. It’ll be served from a cask on the night along with their fantastic medieval menu.


medieval banquet
Crews’ Medieval Banquet Menu


Dromana 800

In tandem with this, Dromana 800 also takes place this weekend, celebrating 800 years of Dromana House. We will be taking part in their Georgian Fete on Sunday, 5th of July and will also be serving our barrel aged beer there, alongside our core range of beers.

For a taster of what will be happening in Dungarvan this weekend take a look at the RTE Nationwide programme which aired on July 2nd and features lots of familiar Dungarvan faces and places.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is tomorrow. But you knew that, right? And you’re all sorted with gifts and cards, right? Riiight..?

Ok, you’re not. But don’t panic just yet – we’re looking out for you here and have a back up plan for you.  First, you need a card – no probs, download the image below, print, fold and write your greeting. Card sorted.

DBC Father's Day Card
Click on image for full size.

Then, for a gift run to your nearest off licence which stocks great craft beer, grab a bottle and present it with the card. Job done.

Too hot to run to the shop? Or finding it hard to let go of Dad’s bottle? The why not book a brewery tour and tasting session for him. We have a Friday evening series running throughout the summer, bookings can be made on our webshop and we can send you a printable ticket to include with your card. Bingo! Instant status as best son or daughter ever.

If your Dad likes his card, send us a pic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even a Vine. Our favourite will get a goodie pack from the brewery 🙂

Here’s to the Dads! 🍻